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I Am Now A Racist Because I Have Been Called One: A Resignation

So I have made a terrible mistake.

In GT I made a comment that went like this:

I'm not racist against Roma but seeing as I've met/been robbed by them I know they aren't innocent of criminal activity either


Which, regardless of my personal experience and the fact that I don't use a slur, has made me a racist. All of my previous comments of tolerance have be eschewed for I, at this very moment, am a racist.


I'm a racist because I see nuance in an historically hopeless situation. I'm a racist because I experienced a slight first hand by an ethnic group that doesn't fit in with an ideal perception of Roma people. I'm a racist for linking to an article that shows that both French and Roma have a problem in cultural communication and perhaps that Roma are pushed to crime due to forced poverty than just the idea that because they are Roma they are criminals.

But I didn't say that. Instead I was inarticulate and am now a racist. From here on I see that this cannot be undone so I am done with commenting on Jezebel/Gawker-related media effective immediately. I will not be party to an internet handle who is deemed a racist.


I do not hate the Roma people. I do not think, as a whole, they are worse than any other ethnic group. I believe their culture to be beautiful and their independent spirit to be envied in a world of automation and conformity. I do regret that I only shared one negative experience in lieu of a positive one and now that experience will echo forever and ever in the halls of the Internet. I understand where the commenters on my post are coming from. However, I just don't see a point in participating anymore. I suppose in my final act I'm just going to give people something to read. It's pretty pointless to say what a racist I'm not when its a statement that cannot be unproven once branded. Here are articles about Roma that give a good narrative into their situation as obviously I was not able to in an intelligent manner:………………

I'll continue to read Crosstalk and Clashtalk since you all are such intelligent and funny people, but I won't be participating anymore. Thanks everybody, it has been fun.

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